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Zero Two Silhouette

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Get a Hybrid Teen Lamp of Zero Two from Our Silhouette Collection!

Our Silhouette lamp is made out of a black acrylic to give an amazing shadow, it has a panel to attach it to your wall! 

You can choose between our 3 Key control or App control to control the lamps colors! 

We have 2 size options!

Our Small size is 11.8 inch x 7.8 in (30x20 cm) 

Our Large size is 15.74 inch x 11.8 inch (40x30 cm) 

*The Large does not come in a gift box* 

🤍 Join our community at the home of Anime Fans!

🔋 a USB cord is provided in the package !

🎁 These lamps are a perfect gift for any occasion for your anime-loving friends, family, or yourself!

🛫Shipping takes 7-14 days depending on your location!

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