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Two Tone Kurapika

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Get a Special Hybrid Teen Lamp of Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter!

When selecting a lamp, you can choose from two options:

Our original Remote Base lamp comes in a sleek black base with two sets of LEDs.

With the no remote lamp, get 7 preset color combinations, along with fade and flash modes. 

With our remote lamp, you will have 7 color options in which you can create any color presets, along with fade and flash modes!

🤍 Join our community at the home of Anime Fans!

🔋USB cable is included with all lamps. If you want to go wireless, you can use your own 3 x AA batteries. 

🎁 These lamps are a perfect gift for any occasion for your anime-loving friends, family, or yourself!

🛫Shipping takes 7-14 days depending on your location!

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